Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The mind on matter

What of the world? The new world? Or a manifestation of our intrinsically wild imaginations? Divine intervention or mere coincidental direction on all parts and parties involved? Is it meant to be, or merely an extension of our functionality?

I'm talking caffeine infused, overdressed bollocks. But then the mind has a tendency to do that, dress up confused concepts in fancy words and sit them around the dinner table to mingle thus creating a whole new batch of equally as confused spawn. And look at that, off runs the mind down the street. As an entity, it is also deep in confusion and internal battles. The mind wants to belong, wants a place at that dinner table to display the wit and knowledge it hopes to be in possession of. The mind wants, more than anything else to be liked, wanted, and accepted. It runs screaming from those awkward moments that no other living thing should ever be witness to, but always is, and is haunted by them for weeks to come. And thus I have come to the conclusion, on a completely subjective level that is, for I can only speak for my own, that the mind is in fact a completely inadequate tool with which to judge belonging, or happiness, or contentment, acceptance, approval, personal judgement, for the pure and simple reason that it just cares too damned much, and thus has a distorted view of everything concerned. 

The mind finds its sustinence for contentment hidden within its own position regarding such things, and who ever really knows what they are? Instead put your feet to the earth and pose the question to your toes. How does the ground feel today? It may offer a whole new perspective. But beware when the feet are scantily clad, the divine clockworks of the world have seen to it that every tenth step involves something sharp. But feel one and feel it all.

Nonesense is attending a fancy dress party down the street. The same one as it happens, that we saw the mind disappear up just now.

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